MrJukes' Halo 2 Guide to Trick Jumping

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Throughout my time during the beta, and since Halo 2 shipped, I have been accumulating jumps and other tricks into my arsenal.  I have decided to share this knowledge by making the videos below.  The jumps and tricks run the gamut from common knowledge to obscure, useful to completely pointless, and simple to insanely difficult.

Check out The Unauthorized Halo 2 Battle Guide. It was a great pleasure contributing to this guide and Stephen even devoted an entire section to my jumping guides!

This is a fully authorized mirror of MrJukes' Halo 2 Guide to Trick Jumping - the original site is here.

Trickers R Us First Jumping Video
(WMV - 25.90mb - 3:06)
(QuickTime - 23.2mb)
Jumptacular - Mini Map Tour
(WMV - 27.60mb - 12:00)
(QuickTime - 27.7mb)
Broncho and Friends
(WMV - 48.57mb - 19:25)
(QuickTime - 45.4mb)
I was asked to host this most excellent video.
I'm a sucker for grenade slide jumping!
Here is the latest video from Jumptacular.
This one really blew me away.
This is probably the best trick/jump video put out to date.
Everything about this video screams "OMFG clown"!
If anybody finds my jaw please send me an email. It fell off about halfway through...

jump session #10
(WMV - 10.62mb - 4:24)
(QuickTime - 12.1mb)
Broncho's Freestyle Jump Around
(WMV - 15.5mb - 4:24)
(QuickTime - 15.8mb)
Jumptacular - Ascension
(WMV - 43mb - 11:33)
(QuickTime - 43.1mb)
Another solo mission completed successfully.
Don't touch the glass!
Broncho and company show off some sick moves on Headlong. Some great new jumping out of Jumptacular.
Who said we were running out of jumps? Not quite yet...

jump session #9
(WMV - 16.00mb - 6:25)
(QuickTime - 17.6mb)
broncho long jumps #2
(WMV - 9.40mb - 3:50)
(QuickTime - 10.5mb)
Jumptacular - Ivory Tower
(WMV - 46mb - 6:15)
(QuickTime - 45mb)
This video has a couple new tricks for everyone to play with.
Noraa really went all out on this one and I learned my new favorite jumping technique.
I'll give you a hint: GSJ. Go watch!
Broncho serves up another gem.
I usually say "wow" just to be nice...but this time...WOW!
The Jumptacular guys cover Ivory Tower.
There are some pretty cool jumps in there. Check it out!

Broncho's Halo 2 Guide to Long Jumping
(WMV - 9.58mb - 3:57)
(QuickTime - 10.8mb)
jump session #8
(WMV - 9.21mb - 3:51)
(QuickTime - 10.4mb)
got your back
(WMV - 2.50mb - 0:57)
(QuickTime - 2.6mb)
Broncho shows us some sweet long jumps on a variety of maps.
Nice video Broncho!
I have received numerous requests to show some in-game footage, so here you go.
Fighting montage is followed by a couple tricky curve jumps and a new Touch 'Em All on Ivory Tower.
A cool flag cap I recorded a while back.

jump session #5
(WMV - 12.26mb - 5:13)
(QuickTime - 14.3mb)
jump session #6
(WMV - 9.85mb - 3:54)
(QuickTime - 10.7mb)
jump session #7
(WMV - 7.15mb - 3:01)
(QuickTime - 8.1mb)
lockout and zanzibar jumping
a special guest stops by
best jump session ever
Mostly slide jumping on a variety of maps. I went this one alone.
How about some slide jumping on colossus, bunny hopping on waterworks, and...touch 'em all on zanzibar?

jump session #2
(WMV - 2.45mb - 1:02)
(QuickTime - 2.8mb)
jump session #3
(WMV - 10.00mb - 4:17)
(QuickTime - 11.8mb)
jump session #4
(WMV - 7.43mb - 3:08)
(QuickTime - 8.5mb)
Would you rather see small videos frequently or large videos every couple weeks? What do you know? Another jump session. This one is a bit more substantial.
Great jumping guys.
PWilt328 shows us how to jump Beaver Creek.

mix #1
(WMV - 9.35mb - 4:12)
(QuickTime - 10.5mb)
mix #2
(WMV - 8.70mb - 3:34)
(QuickTime - 9.8mb)
jump session #1
(WMV - 4.74mb - 2:00)
(QuickTime - 5.5mb)
Here are a bunch of jumps I missed in my first round of videos.
Mix #1 contains jumps from Ascension, Foundation, and Zanzibar.
Jumps from Beaver Creek, Coagulation, Lockout, and Ivory Tower. Just a small weekend jump session.

(WMV - 22.54mb - 8:46)
(QuickTime - 19.2mb)
(WMV - 12.15mb - 4:58)
(QuickTime - 10.8mb)
Ivory Tower
(WMV - 4.77mb - 1:59)
(QuickTime - 4.3mb)
Wow. If I had known Headlong would have been so much fun I would have done it first!
I intentionally ignored most of the banshee sniping spots since they have been covered elsewhere.
Check out some high flying acrobatics in our favorite frigid map.
Well... second favorite... *cough*sidewinder*cough*
Why doesn't the snow collect on the ground? They must have heated walkways.
A very useful set of jumps in my favorite map from the beta.
If you can master these shortcuts you will be a force to be reckoned with in Ivory Tower.

(WMV - 6.53mb - 2:43)
(QuickTime - 5.9mb)
(WMV - 5.11mb - 2:09)
(QuickTime - 4.7mb)
(WMV - 7.48mb - 3:04)
(QuickTime - 6.7mb)
These are mostly fun grenade jumps that I wouldn't recommend doing during actual combat.
However, the seawall window jump and the shotgun invis jump are two of my most used jumps in the game.
Avoiding directly running up all ramps is my goal in life.
Bet you didn't think there was much fun jumping around Waterworks. WRONG!
Careful with that middle sniper perch, you are very exposed. It is best used on defense.

(WMV - 7.71mb - 3:11)
(QuickTime - 7.0mb)
(WMV - 7.12mb - 2:59)
(QuickTime - 6.5mb)
Beaver Creek
(WMV - 2.44mb - 1:00)
(QuickTime - 2.1mb)
Kind of like Lockout, but without all the stabbiness.
Jumping around the sniper tower is my favorite.
This map is a lot smaller if you use the lift properly.
Like those crazy grenade jumps? Me too.
I thought there would be more cool jumps on this level...oh well.

Burial Mounds
(WMV - 12.17mb - 4:56)
(QuickTime - 10.8mb)
(WMV - 7.57mb - 3:06)
(QuickTime - 6.7mb)
(WMV - 14.19mb - 5:51)
(QuickTime - 12.6mb)
This map had a surprising amount of fun jumping.
Ignore that last part about the jump onto red base. I have plenty of feedback on that one...
There is more to do on this map than climbing a tree. I had some good ol' fusion coil fun on this map.
Try adding some style to your jumps.

Nothing is more difficult than engaging an assembled force, directly.
Hence, take the indirect route: lure others by holding out advantages.
Use shortcuts to a long and winding route and arrive before your opponents.
Make indirect act as direct and adversity act as advantage.

 - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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